Monday, June 4, 2012

Open Arms Adoption Auction

The Open Arms Adoption Auction has been set up for some very dear friends of ours. They are the ones who introduced us to Reece's Rainbow and the Bible Orphan Ministry. We have known them for quite some time and we have grown very close. We are very excited about their newest little member to their family, Alayna Grace! Hopefully she will be home with her new family very soon. But, first we need to help get her there. 

To see how the auction works Click Here

Below is an easier way to see all of the items for the auction:

1. Girls Dress

2. Yellow Sweater

3. Sea Earrings

4. Three Wooden Cars

5. The Nature Collection

6. Brownie Tote Bag

7. Little Girls Clothes

8. Little Boys Clothes

9. Pastel Pearl Earrings

10. Crocheted Scarf

11. Green Apple Earrings

12. Seashore Sand - Earrings

13. Piggy

14. Cherry Earrings

15. Blog Design

16. Brown and Blue Earrings

17. Set of 2 Scripture Pictures

18. Ocean Dreams - Crochet Baby-Toddler Blanket

Note: this is a private list. Only the list owner can enter links.

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