Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Auction has Ended!

A HUGE thank you to everyone!  The total amount in bids comes to: $194.00!!!  Plus an amazing donation of $100.00.  The Total is $294.00!!  What a blessing for little Alayna and her wonderful family!

And the winners are:

Robin - 3 Bars of Handmade Soap ($5.00)
             4 Paracord Keychains ($7.00)
             The Brownie Bag ($12.00)

Jen - The Triangle Wooden Stacking Toy ($10.00)

Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe - Ocean Dreams Baby/Toddler Blanket ($50.00)
                                                                     Girls Blue Dress ($20.00)

Cindy A. - Sea Earrings ($10.00)
                  Brown and Blue Earrings ($20.00)

Amy P. - Crocheted Scarf ($25.00)

Rachel G. - The Nature Collection Set ($10.00)
                   Seashore Sand Earrings ($15.00)

Molly - Set of 3 Handmade Wooden Cars ($10.00)

Here are step by step pictures on how to donate:

Click on the Chipin at the right hand corner at the top of this page.

IMPORTANT: While donating through Paypal be sure to give your POSTAL ADDRESS in the 'note' or 'comment' section.

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