Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 Paracord Keychains

A wonderful family, that is currently on their own adoption journey, took the time to make these awesome paracord keychains for little Alayna and her family!
What a blessing!  If you would like to follow their adoption journey Please Click Here.
Paracord Keychains!

Paracord is a wonderful tool to have with you at all times because of its many purposes. These keychains are made with military grade 550 paracord which means it can withstand up to 550 lbs. Paracord is made up of 7 strands that can be pulled out and used for sewing thread, as boot laces, fishing line or any of many other survival situations. The cord itself is great for securing items, making shelter, hanging food bags in the woods when camping...and the list goes on!

These paracord keychains are made into a compact size using the king cobra stitch. These are easily hooked onto keys, backpacks, purses, pant belt loops, flashlights, diaper bags, and suitcases...or even just to keep in a camping set, fishing tackle box or medical kit. They look great and would be a wonderful gift for any age!
Each keychain contains 5 feet of paracord!   A set of 4 paracords in the winner’s choice of color.

These are the paracord colors currently available:

Top row:
A. Royal Blue
B. Pink
C. Bright Orange
D. Light brown
E. Purple
F. Red
G. Yellow
H. Bright Green

Bottom Row:
I. Black
J. White
K. Orange
L. Burgandy
M. Rainbow
N. Camouflage
O. Red, White & Blue
P. Fire: (red, orange & yellow)
Q. Lizard: (green, black, bright yellow)

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