Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Wooden Cars

These handcrafted cars were donated and made by Lee McCormick.  Aren't they just cute!!

Any kid would love to play with one of these handmade cars. 
They are various sizes, from approx 4"x 3" (being the smallest) to 8"x 4" (the largest).
Click on pictures for details.

Starting Bid - $10.00

Sea Earrings

Yellow Sweater

A light yellow crocheted sweater for your little girl or grand-daughter would be the perfect addition to her wardrobe (and a wonderful gift).   Fits little girls age 4-6.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girl's Dress - Blue

This cute girls dress is a 10/12.   It was worn only a couple of times. 
A very simple yet sweet dress.  Hidden zipper in the back.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Help Needed - Adoption!

Prayerfully, soon my blog will be re-designed and set up for an adoption auction for some very dear friends of ours.  They are the ones who introduced us to Reeces Rainbow and the Bible Orphan Ministry.  We have known them for quite some time and have grown very close.  We are very excited about their newest little member to their family, Alayna Grace!  Hopefully she will be home with her new family very soon.  But, first we need to help get her there.   Will you help?!  Please follow my blog so that you will be notified when the adoption auction begins.  Look to your right and click on "join this site".  Thank you!!