Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 Days, Double the Chances!

I can't believe how fast time goes!   There are only two days left now!
The total amount raised is still $130.00.
During the last two days every entry will be DOUBLED the amount I previously mentioned!!
There is no limit as to the amount of tickets you can have! 
For each time you share this link (either through Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, ect)
you will earn 1 extra entry!
Leave a comment with a link to the page you shared the link to receive your extra ticket.
- Use the ChipIn on the side of this blog to donate
- Raffle ends on 1/29/13 at 11:59 PM (EST)
- 1 prize per person.
-Winners will be picked using
The prizes:
1st. Place:
A white crocheted baby/toddler blanket with rainbow trim.
Perfect for snuggling on a cold winter day...every little one needs a blankie!
2nd. Place:
Here is something for the guys!
Faith Like Potatoes
The Grace Card
The Winners Choice of (1) movie!
Each one is so amazing, I'm sure that it will be hard to just pick one!
3rd. Place:

A handmade zippered "Buttercup" bag, with covered button decoration. Approximate size: 11"x7".
4th. Place:
A creamy white crocheted "slouchy" Beret.
5th. Place:
A red and white earwarmer/headband. A perfect accessory for Valentine's Day!
6th. Place:

A Custom made Heart Headband, another item perfect for Valentine's Day!
It will be made to fit any size
7th. Place:
Set of 4 Scripture Memorization Placemats
Set of 4 Scripture Memorization Placemats
Set of 4 Scripture Memorization Placemats
Set of 4 Scripture Memorization Placemats
Have you been looking for something to help encourage your little ones in memorizing key bible verses? These simple, colorful placemats will be a reminder to them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You will get a set of four placemats, ready to print and enjoy! All verses are NJKV.

These will be e-mailed to the winner as a printable PDF.

NOTE: Watermarks will be removed for winner.

Friday, January 25, 2013

URGENT: Chipin does not seem to be working, it is not showing up on my blog and I cannot get their website to load.  Is it currently working for you?  Can you see it on my blog?  If you would like to make a donation and the Chipin is still not working please contact me at: Thank you!!

There are only 4 days left in the raffle for little Alayna Grace!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So far....$130 has been raised for Alayna! 
Thank you to everyone that has donated and spread the word!! 
The raffle ends in 9 days. 
Tickets are only $1.00.
Spreading the word also counts as a entry!
Scroll down for more info.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Alayna's family recently recieved their travel dates for early January.  They are very excited and can't wait to bring her home! 

I want to share a great chance to help her family out with their travel expenses and hopefully win a great gift for Christmas!  Her family has some wonderful relatives that set up a fundraiser to help raise the $3,000.00 needed for airplane tickets alone!  Already they have raised almost $600.00 in the couple days it has been running.

Please check out their blog: 

Hurry!  The fundraiser ends on December 21st.

They have some awesome prizes.  Here are a few:

1st Place Prize- The Newly Released iPad mini!

2nd Place Prize- A $100 Amazon Gift card!

3rd Place Prize- $50 Barnes & Noble Gift card

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Auction has Ended.

If you would still like to "purchase" any of the items listed below please contact me at:

All proceeds will go directly to little Alayna Grace and her wonderful family.

Thank you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Auction Ends TONIGHT! bids yet.

The Auction Ends bids yet.

Please scroll down to see the items available.

Thank you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

3 Days bids yet.

There are only 3 Days Left in the Second Chance Adoption Auction...and yet there hasn't been any bids yet.  Would you please help spread the word, for little Alayna Grace and her family??

Alayna's Mommy and Daddy got to visit her this week!!! 

What a CUTIE!!

Mommy and Alayna, enjoying their time together!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

3..2..1 BLASTOFF!! Travel Dates for Alayna's family!!

Yippie!!  Alayna's family just got their travel dates...for THIS Saturday.  Yes! this one!!  That's less than 3 days away, they are busy planning and preparing.  I'm so excited for them! 

Also, they got a new picture of Alayna.  It was taken sometime in October, so she is even younger than in the pictures we have gotten to see so far!

Isn't she just plain CUTE!

Scroll down to see all of the items available in the Second Chance Adoption Auction
for little Alayna.

Please help little Alayna by spreading the word.


It will be GREATLY appreciated!

Monday, August 6, 2012

NEW Auction Starting TODAY for Alayna!

This will be the second adoption auction for little Alayna Grace, therefore the name Second Chance suits it well.  Second Chance has many meanings..God gave us a second chance when He sent His son to save us, that is an amazing second chance for us! And, this will be a second chance for Alayna to have a family that cares and loves her.
Can we help work together to make that chance possible for her?

Our God is a God of Second Chances.

Let's help give Alayna a second chance as well.

Aqua Cricut Expression -BUNDLE- Special Limited Time Design

The Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter allows cuts from a tiny 0.25" up to an impressive 23.5". Its six modes and four functions offer greater customization of cuts. This Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter comes with the new Cricut Classic Font and Cricut Lite Playtime cartridges in addition to a 12" x 12" cutting mat and necessary cords and manuals. BONUS - 3 Cartridges; Splish Splash, Chore Chart, and Sugar and Spice!

Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter:
  • Cuts images from 0.25" up to 11.5"
  • 6 modes and 4 functions offer greater customization of cuts
  • Comes with new Cricut Classic Font cartridge
  • Comes with new Cricut Lite Playtime cartridge
  • Portable machine cuts quickly and easily
  • Just select the image you want and press cut

Brand New! Still Sealed in Box. This was a limited time design, a very hard to find item! 

 To Bid on this Item CLICK HERE.

A Musical Jewelry Set

Summer - Necklace

Set of 2 Scripture Pictures

You can pick any two Scripture Pictures.
E-mail me the verse(s) you would like on your photo(s).
Photo Sizes: choose any size(s) up to 8x10.
Glossy or Matte is available.

"Jolly Rancher" Green Apple Earrings

Cherry Earrings

Blog Design

You will receive a matching Banner and Blog Button for your blog!

Little Piggy

Winter - Jewelry Set