Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Auction Ends Tomorrow, no bids yet..

Some of you may know that this auction has been running for quite a while now..almost two weeks to be exact.  But, alas, there has not been one bid.  Alayna is still sitting in an orphanage, far away from her family that is trying as fast as they can to save her...yet, she is still waiting.  And, why?   I do not know.
Tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST. the auction will end. 

I would like to ask you all if I should extend the adoption auction for Alayna or leave it as it is.
Also, I would like your the auction too difficult to understand?  Do you think that the "Fundraiser" would be a better way to raise money for little Alayna?  Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Writing a post now to spread the word! Maybe you want to extend the auction a few days so people have time to bid? Don't be discouraged, Bree! It's just Satan trying to get you down.