Saturday, March 26, 2011

Natalya Grace

Hello, this is Julia again. This time I am talking about little Natalya Grace.  When I posted last, I talked about Nathan.  Nathan’s new parents were going to adopt Natalya.  But, when they were in the process of the adoption her parents came back for her.  This was posted on their blog:

Nothing could have prepared us for a call from our agency letting us know that Natalya was no longer available for adoption. Our lovely girl has a happy ending. Her family has taken her home from the orphanage!"
Two months and four days later Natalya was brought back to the orphanage!  This is what Nathan's new parents posted on their blog:
Natalya, the little girl we first committed to adopt, has been returned to the orphanage. If it were at all possible, we would take her home to be Nathan's sister. However, our region only allows one adoption at a time unless the children are biological siblings."
Isn’t she the sweetest! I love her SO much!  She has $1,426.00 available towards the cost of her adoption!  If God leads you to adopt her, He will make it possible!  I don’t want Natalya to go to a institution when she gets older! 

Is she YOUR daughter?????????

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  1. What a sweetheart. How sad that her family came and got her, preventing her adoption, and then brought her back. I'm sure it was hard for them too. That's a lot for such a little one. I'll pray.